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Morning - Friday, Oct. 13th

Join us for breakfast.  Eat up and get ready to learn !!

As the cloud and paperless technologies continue to evolve so do the ways you can utilize halFILE. From adding new databases, to utilizing the cloud and Internet technologies, we will help you understand how to fit halFILE into all aspects of the “Paperless Office”. This will include our experiences on what works well and what might not quite be ready for mainstream adoption.

Whew - relax a little

This session will expand on the Tips & Tricks from Day 1 and will help you get the most out of halFILE and 4.x and its index and search features. Designed for everyday users, this session will help increase your productivity and hopefully give you some new tools to take home to teach others.

Don’t worry, we promise its nothing like Boot Camp. We will lead you through the basics of capture, index, and search step by step. Designed for those that aren’t quite as familiar or are new to our platform while still hopefully boosting your productivity with shortcut keys and other features.

Lunch on your own

LUNCH 12:00-01:30

Afternoon - Friday Oct. 13th

Complete walkthrough of report creation from start to finish.

Index it and forget it – think again. We are all human and all make mistakes – learn what you can do to identify mistakes in your data and how to correct them. We will cover using features to find “gaps” in your plant, missing images, and even typos utilizing features built into halFILE 4.x.

Whew - relax a little.

Learn what you can do to help protect your data and images from the latest Ransomware Attacks and other modern threats. We will discuss recommended backup procedures as well as tips and techniques for training your staff to identify potential threats before they occur.

Note: Computer Lab is available in Valencia

Whew - relax a little

Whew! We made it to the close of HUG 2017! This is one last chance for any discussions as well as an opportunity for you to have some input as to the when/where to hold the next HUG. We hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed spending it with you. Don’t be sad – we are just a phone call away even if you just want to say Hi.

Note: Computer Lab is available in Valencia