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Morning - Thursday, Oct. 12th

Join us for breakfast.  Eat up and get ready to learn !!

Welcome to HUG 2017 - we are happy you are here.  Learn all about the company and staff - old faces and new.

Coming Soon – halFILE 4.1. Learn about all the enhancements including our new .NET based viewer that eliminates the need for additional Imaging / Kofax licensing for most customers and makes installing new workstations even simpler. We will be demonstrating current features and our plans for the future in this session including powerful new PDF additions.

Whew - relax a little.

This session will let you know about features available to you in 4.0 that will improve your productivity and make your life simpler. These features are already available to all halFILE 4.x customers and some of them you may not even realize are at your fingertips.

A few house cleaning items . . . 

Lunch on hal Systems in the Rotunda

LUNCH 12:00-01:30

Afternoon - Thursday Oct. 12th

Important information including new server and operating system requirements. Easier than ever to install halFILE since the .NET based viewer is included automatically. Learn about the Imaging Annotation conversion process and how our Quality Assurance team is making halFILE 4.1 our best release yet.

Note; Computer Lab is available in Valencia

Whew - relax a little.

The starter system is more powerful than ever with no limitations on searches including Texas legals. Even if you don’t adopt it for updates / date down you might consider portions of it for order handling. Hit Lists are more powerful than ever even outside of the starter system.

Beginning with a review of new features and options, followed by an overview of how halFILE databases are being used in various county offices. We wrap up with a discussion on features, products and services you would like to see next.

Whew - relax a little

Have any questions about your particular halFILE experience? Now is the chance to ask the experts. Your fellow customers and hal Systems staff will be on hand to help you figure out the best way to handle your particular situation from their hands-on knowledge and experience.

Note: Computer Lab is available in Valencia

Dinner on hal Systems at Acenar

Modern Tex-Mex Cuisine

Meet at 6:00 pm in the hotel lobby.  
Dinner is 6:30-9:30.